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Finding a good orthopaedic knee specialist in Burwood NSW.

You don’t have to use the knee specialist or orthopaedic surgeon your local doctor recommends. This website will help you find the best knee specialist in your area. If you want to be operated on by the best knee surgeon in Burwood Sydney, you have a lot of choices for knee surgery. This site will help you find the best-regarded orthopeadic specialist centres in Burwood, Strathfield, Canada Bay and Cumberland NSW. You also have access to specialists in the Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Parramatta and Sutherland.

Our company has found that the best knee surgeons in Burwood are easy to review and find.

Two Top Rated Surgeons in Burwood

Dr John P. Negrine
Orthopedic Surgeon
160 Belmore Rd, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia
Ph: +61 2 9399 5333
North Sydney Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Centre
Orthopedic Surgeon
g02/3 Gillies St, Wollstonecraft NSW 2065, Australia
ph:+61 2 9409 0500

The most common operations our surgeons perform are

  1. Knee athroscopes
  2. ACL repairs and ACL reconstructions
  3. MCL repairs
  4. Meniscal trims
  5. Knee replacement
  6. Knee reconstruction
  7. Cartilage repair.

Knee Replacement

Patients suffering from severe and progressive pain of the knee, are often candidates for a knee replacement.

Our surgeons perform knee replacement surgery everyday. Initially you will have to walk with the help of crutches. After around 30 to 60 days from surgery, you will be able to return to many of your pre-injury activities.


Knee Arthroscopy

Burwood doctors perform hundreds of Knee arthroscopic surgeries each week. We place a very small incision into the knee joint and the orthopedic surgeon then inserts the arthroscope. This can help your surgeon fix the damaged tissue with small surgical instruments and you will walk out of the day surgery. Then we show you the physiotherapy exercises to start strengthening the muscles around the knee and joints. Therapeutic Exercise plays a very crucial role in the speedy recovery and has a positive impact on your health.

Meniscal Tears and Repair

The aim of the surgical procedure is to protect your meniscus intact knee meniscus by getting rid of the unstable area whilst repairing the other areas. Sometimes we sutur the knee cartilage and add stem cells, clot materials and growth factors to speed up the healing process.

Usually, the patient can return home the same day after undergoing a meniscus repair.



ACL Reconstruction

An ACL rupture is often caused by a twisting force to the knee. Most common activities that can cause this type of knee injury are soccer, football and skiing.

Our surgeon takes between one hour and one and half hours to repair your anterior crucial ligament. Usually, you should be able to return home the same day or the next day. Full recovery may take as long as 9 months. Most local athletes are able to recover fully and resume normal activities after ACL reconstruction or MCL repair. If you are suffering from a knee injury,

We find the best knee surgeons in Burwood on this website. Contact us to find out which treatment procedure is right for you. Regular exercises can help you make a full recovery and resume normal activities within the shortest time possible. Be sure to seek professional advice from your doctor before you start doing any exercises.

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