Can Physiotherapy Fix My Knee Pain?

Many people ask the question, can physiotherapy fix my knee pain?

Knee pain is one of the most common injuries in Australia, both for those who play sport or exercise. In fact every year, athletes around the globe experience a variety of different knee injuries which can range from sprains to tears. The good news is, almost all injuries of this hinge joint that deals with your leg motion usually are not critical, and many often do not need surgical procedures. Often, physiotherapy will help people with non-serious knee injury alleviate their ache and obtain full movement back to this important joint.

Physiotherapy for knee pain can often be the very first choice encouraged for many who experience sprains, torn ligaments or torn tendons. Mainly in severe cases when physiotherapy for knee injuries doesn’t decrease the pain, is surgical treatment taken into consideration. Surgery is the final option, not the primary, when talking about knee injuries. Knee surgery can be quite painful and can keep a person immobile for quite a while.

There are numerous varieties of knee injuries, and all are painful. ACL and MCL ligament sprains take place by an abrupt twist and are a result of jumping and running. If the ligament gets torn, it may lead to bleeding into the knee and cause swelling. While a torn ligament may necessitate corrective surgical treatment, a sprained ligament can usually end up being taken care of with physical therapy.

physiotherapy for knee injury

Physiotherapy for the knee pain the result of a sprained ligament follow medical care. A doctor will usually x-ray the knee to make sure the ligament was not torn and suggest rest, bandaging including ice packs. Massaging the knee will just make things worse and may well result in inflammation or even internal bleeding and heat shouldn’t be applied to the joint. Once the knee is healed, a physiotherapist can certainly aid an athlete gain back strength in the knee by a series of physical exercises to be able to little by little build up strength without having even more tearing the ligament.

Tendon tears to the knee are frequently addressed in the same approach as a ligament strain and typically mend on their own, with rest and taping. To encourage restorative healing, physiotherapist can make the tendon tear repair more efficiently and rapidly. This particular type of treatment is often used by runners who need to treat their knee as quickly as doable but prevent any additional damage.

One of the most frequent knee injuries is a cartilage tear. It occurs in older individuals. Most of the time, it involves surgery to restore the damaged cartilage. After the knee has healed from the surgery, a patient will often be sent to a physiotherapist who will stimulate restorative healing by way of exercising the knee, stimulating the muscles, and enhancing flexibility and potency.

Physiotherapy for knee pain is one of the most widely used of almost all physical treatment plans. As is the instance with just about all knee injuries, a person will need to see a medical doctor previous to going to a physiotherapist to determine the degree of the damage. Odds are, if you have a knee injury of just about any nature, you will probably, at some time, go through physiotherapy for knee damage which will make it possible for you to gain back the use of this most highly valued joint and allow you to enjoy again activities you participated in prior to the injury.


While your physiotherapist is usually the perfect health professional to help you rehabilitate your knee injury with taping, exercises and healing modalities, they are usually the first person an injured athlete sees for inital diagnosis.

It is common however for your physio to refer you to a knee specialist for a more complete diagnosis.

Knee Surgeons can order MRI scans and if needed, perform an arthroscopy on your knee to determine exactly what structures have been damaged, and if they will repair with conservative treatment, or if surgery will be required.

Referring to a Orthopaedic Specialist

Sports Physiotherapists in your local area know the best knee surgeon close to you. Search on google to find a good sports physio. They will start you in the right direction to recovery.

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