Do you need surgery for a torn ACL?

Do you need surgery from a torn ACL?


It all depends on who you are and what you do.
The reason you need an ACL is for stability of the knee.

Specifically if gives you stability when you change speed or change direction.

So if you are someone who just walks around slowly, don’t change direction much at higher speeds, then you can get by without an anterior cruciate ligament.

However, if you play any kind of cutting type sport. Such as soccer, football, rugby, netball, hockey. Or if you are just walking around after you’ve damaged your ACL, and you’ve done some rehab. You done some initial treatment to reduce the swelling and you just notice or feel that your knee is unstable, or it seems to be sliding out of place, then you need it fixed.

What if You don’t get your ACL repaired?

If you continue to play sports or even walk with a noticeably unstable knee, you will be doing damage to the other structure of your knee. Like wearing out your meniscus, which can lead to early arthritis in your knee. And that can lead to you requiring a total knee replacement.

What do Knee Surgeons say.
Orthopaedic doctors often see patients with knees that damaged or torn ACL years ago, that did not get repaired, and continued to play sports. The condition these parents have now is arthritis.

This is because without a good strong ACL, you will end up damaging your knee cartilage, both the articular cartilage and the meniscus cartilage.

Without ACL reconstruction, you are at a high risk of arthritic change.

So if you are athletic. If you play sports and you have a torn or damaged ACL, or if you have any instability in your knee, please see a good specialist knee doctor to have if examined and hopefully repaired.


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