Acute Knee Injury Clinic

When you suffer a knee injury, it is important to get it assessed as quickly as possible to initiate appropriate management and facilitate an early return to activity.

Many of Australia’s best knee surgeons run weekly Acute Knee Injury Clinics, which allow patients to be seen by a good specialist, without waiting for a referral from their GP.

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Have you suffered a knee injury in your weekend sport? Visit a knee clinic for fast diagnosis.

Many of the best orthopaedic surgeons will offer access to a knee injury clinic.

World renown hip and knee surgeon, Dr Craig Weller runs an acute knee injury clinic in St Vincents, Sydney. And Dr Aziz Bhimani operates a knee injury clinic in Wollongong. Dr Angus Nicoll runs a knee clinic on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

If you suffer a knee injury playing sport, an acute knee trauma clinic offers you an early and expert assessment to determine if a significant knee injury has occurred. And then what you should do next to rehabilitate the injury and get back to sport quickly and safely.

Imaging tests such as X-rays, MRI scans,and ultrasound are not necessary, and can all be easily organized by the knee surgeon to provide a timely diagnosis.

Who are these acute knee clinics for?

Appointment times are exclusively for patients who have recently injured their knee, eg weekend sports injury. This allows early assessment of the injury, and the exact same service professional athletes and AFL, ARL, and A-League teams receive.

* If you have a recent acute injury (sporting or recreational activities)
*Aggravated an existing knee injury

You are strongly advised to contact your local acute knee injury clinic. You will be tested for ACL injury, PCL injury, and Meniscal tears.

At least you will know exactly what is wrong, and get the same advice and treatment plan that Australian’s top sports athletes would get.

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